Why We’re Obsessed With Swarovski

Crystals and sparkles should never go overlooked which is why every time we see a Swarovski necklace, watch, or pair of earrings, we’re elated. Why? Aside from their incredible value for money considering the energy it leaves behind, we can’t resist their wide range of crystals and colours.

Swarovski: Its Beautiful Presentation

Any Swarovski store alone is incredibly inviting. Each necklace is carefully placed under dazzling spotlights to emphasise its glimmer. The watches are stowed in a glass shelf; unobtainable but you want to touch and try them on.

When you finally choose your special purchase, you feel like royalty as it’s lovingly wrapped in layers of tissue paper with the Swarovski logo imprinted throughout. From there, your jewellery is hugged in a blue box and protected in a cute gift bag with a complimenting gold ribbon.

Any girl feels superior when they carry their new possession close to them.

Swarovski’s Jewellery: What Makes Them So Special

Their collection is unique and elegant to provide fashionable jewellery at a reasonable price. You can pick up a bracelet for £100 and receive compliments every time you wear it. No matter which part of your body you choose to treat, it will attract eyes and glimmer all night.

In fact, the renowned Rockettes at NYC’s Christmas Spectacular wear these very crystals on their dresses to dazzle audiences.

Swarovski’s Bracelets

Their Fiction Bangle will only set you back £85 and is right on-trend. Delicate looking, it boasts a unique sparkle with its rose gold-plated metal elements; you can easily customise any attire with this beautiful bracelet.

For those who prefer a bracelet a little more angelic looking, this Angelic Bracelet amps timeless sophistication. For only £109, it’s feminine and delicate looking whilst paralleling a designer piece. Everywhere you look on each plate there are crystals to add a sparkle to every room you enter.

Swarovski’s Watches

Gone are the days of thick leather straps and hello are crystalline watches with beautiful designs. Watches have evolved to become an accessory and statement and what better way to do that than with Swarovski’s collection.

The Crystalline Oval White Bracelet Watch may be at the higher end of their budget, but at £279, it’s a timeless edition which is setting a trend for other watches. Its innovative shape makes this a combined watch and bracelet, whilst the stunning white sparkle is striking and charismatic.

For a timepiece which is slightly more sophisticated and great for daytime looks, the Alegria Watch, Grey is everything you could wish for. Its crystal bezel is something only Swarovski could create and it’s the perfect companion to anyone who’s looking for style at £279.

To me, looking through their website is like holding a menu at your favourite restaurant; there’s so much to choose from that you want it all. But to limit your findings and slow down your heart rate, opt for a crystallised gem which adds some sparkle for those times you’re feeling dull.