My Favourite Vivienne Westwood Pieces

From elegant designs to bold statements, Vivienne Westwood has a bespoke jewellery collection every woman should encounter at some point in her life.

There aren’t many designers who can give me goose bumps like Vivienne can – and at a reasonable price. Today I’m sharing my favourite pieces from her world.

Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

No other fashion icon can perfectly combine grace with brashness like Vivienne can; it’s partly why I fell in love with the Mayfair Bas Relief Pendant, Pink.

A beautiful addition to her statement symbol mixed with a creative twist, this pendant is stunning. At a fair £70, it can reinvent any outfit and leave passers-by in awe.

At a well-deserved second place is the Vivienne Westwood Hampton Ladies Watch. Never have I seen such a striking watch with character, luxury, colour, charisma and personality… and all for £250.

It’s a watch you’d wear for a special occasion but also use to accessorise a simple attire to make a statement. This masterpiece is extremely fashionable with a splash of colour on its face to set your own trend.

I love a feminine bracelet and this is at the top of that list. Rose gold is the prime colour for jewellery right now and I imagine this piece will forever be a timeless classic.

Each peach crystal is coupled with love and sparkle to gracefully own any room you walk in. Beautifully accompanied with a black dress to draw all eyes to your wrist. All for £85.

This Small Pendant, Light Peach beautifully compliments a strong and ambitious personality. The rose gold plating is eye-striking harmonised with class. Its strong and ballsy, but the long chain keeps it feminine so any ‘type’ of woman can wear it.

I love that Vivienne Westwood has revolutionised her necklaces to single, block colours; it’s extremely on-trend no matter your age or style and a shift from her renown reds and blues.

Earrings are a subtle way of completing an outfit and these pink gems will only set you back £70. It might be a little pricier than past purchases, but every time you wear them, they add a dash of sparkle – courtesy of the Swarovski crystals.

The unusual hue of pink with gold outline is incredibly brave and a staple of Vivienne’s collection. Turn heads and bring out the inner chic in you!

Ordinarily, I prefer what I consider ‘safe’ rings – flat and won’t get caught on anything. But this Vendome Ring, Silver was love at first sight. It’s organically pretty with excellent detail for only £50. A signature ring which even up close is flawless.

Each angle offers a different story of this sterling-silver work of art.

So, there you have my favourite Vivienne Westwood pieces – limited for this blog. Do you have some favourites you’d like to share with our community?

Comment with you beloved treasures; we’d love to hear from you!