Is It Worth Buying Expensive Jewellery?

We’re all wired to want fancy possessions and to feel helpless when we can’t afford what we desire. Price tags are deliberately difficult to find, because if you saw the price first, you would quickly walk away before falling in love with it.

Take designer shops for example. Many don’t display prices because a). Money is no object to high-end shoppers and b). As the jewellery gleams through the glass, you’re so mesmerised by its beauty that you can already imagine wearing it.

Why Is Some Jewellery So Expensive?

There are an array of gemstones to choose from in your jewels. Some popular names include:

  • Red diamond. There are only 30 of these found in the world.
  • An extremely rare mineral.
  • A rare find which is renowned for its dazzling blue and green hue.

Each of these gems cost around £20,000 per carat. Why so much? Discovered and mined hundreds of feet below the ground, the gems aren’t easy to get to nor simple to locate. There are several methods to obtain these fineries, which can involve digging tunnels and moving masses of overlying rocks. After this stage, they’re analysed, cleaned and shaped from specialists all around the world.

Plus, nobody can 100 percent guarantee that they’ll find another stone like it again! They’re rare and a beautiful deposit from nature.

There’s an immense amount of skill, experience and expertise that goes into cutting and polishing the gems to exceptional standards. It’s not an overnight process.

The Lowdown On Bargain Jewellery

On the other hand, synthetic gemstones are only in the double figures and sometimes singular. If you don’t have an eye and touch for expensive gemstones, you may not always be able to differentiate a rare gem to a cheaper one. The bargain jewellery accessories replicate its sister’s sparkle, attitude and colour.

Its creation is a lot less impersonal and isn’t the real deal.

Instead, these are made from sterling silver instead of platinum and 14k gold instead of 18k gold. As their stones are stained a colour extremely like the real gems, you can hardly notice the difference – but your bank account will.

Which leads us to the ultimate question…

Is It Really Worth Buying Expensive Jewellery?

Not everyone buys something because it looks good. Shopping isn’t merely an act of possessing a new item, but a way to satiate your self-confidence and pride. You can spend £300 on a handbag knowing full well you can get a stunning one for £20, but the dearer one makes you feel on top of the world.

If you’re someone who enjoys knowing the history about your jewellery and feeling honoured to wear something which has been crafted by man specifically for you, then start saving.

But for those who are content with wearing a £10 bracelet and telling the world about your bargain piece, opt for synthetic lookalikes.

If it’s an impulse buy, we’d generally suggest leaving the store or closing your tab and returning in a few hours – if not the next day. Don’t be deceived by the bright shop lights manipulating the gem’s shine either. Research and think before purchasing. How often will you wear it? Do you love it for the right reasons? What will you wear it with?

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer, just understand the reasons behind your purchase, other than to boast about your exclusive bling on Instagram!