How To Care For Your Jewellery

Sometimes I’m dubious about store assistants trying to sell me solutions which they claim will keep my new jewels gleaming. Regardless of the price tag, you want to care for your jewellery like it’s your baby.

There are many factors to bear in mind – including different colours, coins, beads, delicate gems and everything in-between. Here’s how to cherish your accessory for life and always maintain its gleam.

Looking After Your Jewellery

Close Up Photo of Grey and Diamond Ring

Exposing Jewellery To The Sun

The reason jewellery discolours? Too much exposure to the sun and heat. Depending on the quality and genuine materials of your accessory, some will last longer than others, but discolouration is inevitable if you’re always wearing jewellery in high heat.

Always take it off if you’re sunbathing – especially with statements like pearls, gemstones and amber. It may disenfranchise you from the Kardashians, but let’s be sensible here!

When your school PE teacher ordered you to remove your necklace, they were right. For safety reasons, yes. Also, excessive sweating can taint its beautiful pigmentation and well… that’s nearly as bad as an accident.

Bathing In Jewellery

It can be hard to part with your wedding ring and you feel like you’re cheating your partner (and it) by taking it off. But wedding and engagement rings are more prone to scratching than other materials because of the gold and platinum used in them.

Harsh soaps and shampoos can create inconspicuous scratches to begin with, but are noticeable after years. Gemstones and diamonds attract sticky products so you’ll notice a dulling which isn’t always repairable.

Take your masterpieces off before bathing to save the heartbreak.

Washing your hands throughout the day can stain your ring, so store them in a safe place when you’re washing up after dinner. Or invest in some rubber gloves for convenience.

Bring Back Your Jewellery’s Shine

Shine bright like a diamond – even if you aren’t wearing them. If you have been mistreating your rings and necklaces, do not fear as we have some DIY tips to revive your jewellery’s gleam.

Shine Silver

Mix washing up liquid with warm water. With an unused, soft cloth, rub the jewellery and rinse under the tap with cool water.

For extreme tarnishing, mix 1 tbsp baking soda with 1 litre water in a bowl. Drop the jewellery into the mixture and leave for no longer than 10 seconds. If it’s still stained, use a soft cloth and rub the solution on the silver.

Gleam Gold

Pour a few drops of washing up liquid into warm water and add the ring to the bowl for five minutes. Soap and lotions can build up under gold rings so dip a new toothbrush into the water and gently wipe underneath the ring. Pat down with a cloth or even dry with a hairdryer!

Polish Pearls

Never immerse pearl jewellery into water. Add a few drops of washing up liquid to warm water. Using a soft makeup brush, dip into the water and lightly polish each pearl. Dry with a soft cloth. After each wear, gently wipe over each pearl with a lint-free cloth to prevent marks.

Jewellery is for life, so care for it, cherish it and never let it get stained again.