How Jewellery Can Complete Your Look

Jewellery is the ultimate accessory to resuscitate your outfit and even mood. Thankfully, we can recuperate a boring attire with a sparkling charm. We’ve all left the house and had that heart-dropping moment when we touched our wrist and felt bare skin.

It’s the finishing touches that complete a female’s look: a spritz of perfume, last coat of mascara and shiny earrings. Leaving the house without a necklace is like eating a Sunday roast without gravy.

So how can you master accessorising your outfit with jewellery?

Jewellery Tips For Completing Your Look


Chocolate cake and pizza are tasty, but mixing the two together doesn’t make a success. A stunning statement doesn’t always go perfectly with a beautiful dress. Why? Because styling is complex and requires an eye for coordination.

Jewellery can make or break your outfit because it’s all in the details. If you’re a trinket enthusiast and wear earrings, rings, necklaces and a bracelet all at the same time, go ahead. You rock it! But to keep it stylish, keep each item dainty and subtle. Or if you just can’t contain yourself, stick to only one statement piece.

Ponder on your outfit. If you’re accessorising with a big handbag, fluffy scarf or colourful headband, people’s eyes will divert to those, so wear elusive earrings or an angelic bracelet.

Jewellery has this incredible supremacy to enhance your features. Hate your arms? Don’t draw attention to them with a predominant bracelet. But if you’re confident with your neckline, complete your look with a beautiful necklace that sits just above your collarbone. Alternatively, fluorescent earrings with a low-cut top and no necklace can also enhance your collar bones. It’s like magic!

Layering can be a disaster but also a miracle if done right. Multiple necklaces work wonders if your chains are different lengths and there isn’t too much sparkle; let one necklace take centre stage. If you are brave enough to opt for the layering effect, pick a neutral-coloured outfit, because sequins and bold statements do not complement one another.

Here are some crucial do’s and don’ts:


  • Wear big statements with brassy outfits. A large staple necklace with bright clothing takes the emphasis off your jewellery.
  • Go overboard with multiple big statements. Less is enough.
  • Stack multiple bracelets on both wrists.


  • Coordinate your makeup with earrings. Want to wear dropping pearls? Keep your lip colour natural and your eyeshadow soft.
  • Keep on top of the condition of your nails if you’re drawing attention to your hands with a beautiful ring.
  • Consider the colour of your jewellery with your clothing. Make your look symmetrical with red shoes and red earrings.

Jewellery-wearing isn’t doom and gloom, so allow it to highlight your inner sparkle and let your personality to shine. Feeling daring? Let your jewellery speak that for you.

So, next time you contemplate on throwing on any necklace last minute, we ask you to think carefully. Don’t wear and regret.