Female Celebrities Rocking Jewellery

Celebrities are our idols for everything fashion-related and that includes jewellery. Not only are their accessories worth thousands – and sometimes even millions – but they beautifully compliment their attire and personality.

Let’s showcase our favourite jewellery on female celebrities and talk about how you can create a similar look on a budget.

Celebrity Jewellery

Sarah-Jessica Parker

Female Celebrities Rocking Jewellery

Aside from her flawless hair and makeup, we’re a huge fan of this staple piece. What do we love about it? It takes bravery to combine blue with bronze and light brown, but it matches her eyes, earrings and top’s hue.

Sarah’s created her own iconic jewellery with multiple necklaces. If you have a large necklace, keep your remaining chains stylish and subtle to not confuse the style. Think about what you want people to see.

To achieve a similar look, coordinate your jewellery with your makeup and outfit. Add in a whim of sass and you’ll rock the look.




Female Celebrities Rocking Jewellery

Beyoncé can do no wrong in the entertainment world, and this is parallel in the fashion realm too.

Not everyone has her bank account, so it’s probably made of diamonds, but that’s not to say that you can’t take elements of it.

For a courageous necklace like this, tie your hair up so a). it doesn’t get caught in the chain, and b). you want the look to be pure and elegant. The same goes for your makeup too. A smoky eye or natural eyeshadow will divert the attention to your neck.

A beautiful jewelled-necklace is suitable for a special occasion with a flirtatious low-cut dress.


Vanessa Hudgens

Female Celebrities Rocking Jewellery

There are all types of chokers in different styles or colours, and Vanessa Hudgen is one of our favourites. Her funky hairstyle and smoky eyes add attitude to her manner.

If you’re a novice in chokers, stick to a thinner frame if you have a larger neck, or go bold if you have a thin one. The size of your shoulders can do the look justice too, so stick to a petite style if you have a muscular build.

Less is more with a choker, so limit the other jewellery. If you must opt for earrings, studs are your best friend in this circumstance. But you can layer a choker with other necklaces. For a daily look, wear a soft ribbon, but for a party look, throw in a few sparkles to dazzle the crowd.

It’s great to have celebrities to look up to for inspiration, but ultimately, you are your own person and have your own fashion deep within you ready to burst. Wear what feels comfortable and more importantly… feels like you!